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State task of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

Research work FSRF-2020-0004 "Scientific foundations for building architectures and communication systems of on-board information and computing systems of a new generation for aviation, space systems and unmanned vehicles"

Project participants:

Sergeev Mikhail Borisovich

Balonin Nikolai Alekseevich

Vostrikov Anton Alexandrovich  


Implementation period:

04/16/2020 – 12/31/2022

  Creation of a theoretical basis for the creation of on-board information and computing systems of new generations of aviation and space systems. 
Improving the safety of the use of unmanned vehicles (UAVs) for autonomous navigation in various environments of the transport infrastructure of the "smart city".
   Management, monitoring and maintenance of cyber-physical systems of various classes, including electromechanical and  electric power systems and complexes.
   Development of the theory of orthogonal and extremal matrices by establishing fundamental connections between their existence, their orders, structures and characteristics with the relationships between quadratic surfaces and the Gaussian lattice.
   Search and formation of unique orthogonal and extremal matrices to improve existing and develop new methods for converting digital information. 

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