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Ekaterina K. presenting a poster in Tokyo


In November 2019, the Future Sensing Technologies conference of the international community SPIE was held in Tokyo (Japan)

The conference was held at the Science Museum, which presents the inventions of the world famous companies Huawei, Mitsubishi, Sony, etc., as well as numerous inventions of students.


Institute 4 students Ekaterina Kapranova and Dmitry Burylev made two presentations: "Distributed matrix methods of compression, masking and noise-resistant image encoding in a high-speed network of information exchange, information processing and aggregation" and "Features of information processing in the onboard two-position small-sized radar based on UAVs"


The poster presentation was attended by about 50 students and their supervisors from around the world, with whom it was possible to establish scientific contacts and plan joint research.


Most of all I remember the report of the representative of the Kyoto Institute of Technology on the topic “Multimodal imaging based digital holography”.

Kapranova Ekaterina: “Speech at a conference of this magnitude is a great honor and a great responsibility. Speaking, you understand that all the work and all the sleepless nights that you devoted to research were not in vain! Your works are relevant and the scientific community is interested in them.”

November 26, 2019 

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